Form W-3 and Your Mailing Address: Important Tips and Information

What You Need to Know About Form W-3 and Your Mailing Address 2022

Each year, employers must share their employee’s wage and tax withholding numbers with the Social Security Administration using Form W-3. This file must follow the SSA’s EFW2 specifications along with Missouri modifications.

To ensure it’s filed correctly, be sure the totals entered in each box match those submitted on the individual W-2 forms throughout the year. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Box 1: Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An EIN is a unique nine-digit number that identifies your business. It’s similar to a personal Social Security number, but it’s used only for business tax reporting purposes. The EIN can help you keep your business and personal finances separate, and it’s required if you have employees or pay taxes on income that’s not wages.

The IRS offers a free online service for businesses to apply for an EIN. Applicants must provide basic information about the business, such as its legal structure, name and address. They also must identify the responsible party. This is the person who ultimately owns or controls the business and exercises ultimate effective control over it.

Typically, the IRS processes an EIN application within four business days. It can be submitted online, by phone, fax or by mail.

Box 2: State Employer Identification Number (SSN)

An EIN is the unique number that identifies your company. It has nine digits and is formatted like a Social Security number. Only businesses can have an EIN. Employees cannot use an EIN to identify themselves.

Employees should always check their name and SSN against their Social Security card to ensure it matches payroll records. If there are any discrepancies, the employee should contact the Social Security Administration to correct them.

The reprint request form requires employees to provide their name, current mailing address, Social Security number and Employee ID, requested tax years and signature. It also asks for an activation code that is mailed to the employer. The activation code is used to access the online reprinting service. Employees can also call PostalEASE to request reprints by telephone.

Box 3: City or Town

A city or town is a type of populated place that differs from a borough, village or county by population size and type of government. It may also be referred to as a development town or a suburban city.

The W-3 form is used to share information from each employee’s annual W-2 forms with the Social Security Administration (SSA). It acts as an overview of the totals for all boxes on the W-2s submitted by the employer.

Businesses should complete Boxes c through h of the W-3 to provide the SSA with important information about their business. This includes the number of W-2 forms that are being transmitted, the business name, address and zip code, and the EINs used by the business this year.

Box 4: Zip Code

Invented in 1963, ZIP codes were devised to denote individual post office locations for more efficient mail exchange and delivery. The first three digits identify the central mail processing facility or Sectional Center Facility, while the final two digits delineate a delivery segment, such as one side of a street or a floor in a large building.

While ZIP Codes may seem like they’re drawn based on geographic regions, this is not true. They’re based on the logistical and transportation needs of the USPS.

For this reason, many companies use zip code verification tools to ensure that their mailing addresses are correct and deliverable. These tools can also be used to gather valuable demographic data and enhance email campaigns.

Box 5: Country

Box 5 of Form W-3 reports the amount of wages that are subject to Medicare tax. Medicare wages typically match the total wage base shown in Box 1 of Form W-2, but may include additional types of compensation or reductions in taxable income, such as deferred compensation, 401(k) contributions and sick pay. In addition, the IRS specifies several codes that identify other deductions or reductions in taxable wages, including medical expenses and employer contributions to retirement plans. Box 13 identifies whether an employee is participating in a retirement plan, such as the Public Employees’, State Teachers’, Judges’ or Legislators’ Retirement System. If so, an “X” must be entered in this box. Otherwise, leave the box blank.

Complete all boxes on the W-3 and transmit it to the IRS by January 31 2022.

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Immerse Yourself in the Thrills of Online Casino Gaming

Casino gaming has become a cornerstone of modern entertainment, with the digitalization of nearly every aspect of our lives, the world of gambling has also made its grand entrance onto the online stage. Enter the realm of the 카지노사이트 (casino site), a universe where the thrills of Vegas-style gaming are available at your fingertips, anytime, anyplace.

Picture the glitz and glam of a traditional casino; the exciting sounds of slot machines paying out, the focused faces of poker players, the spin of the roulette wheel. Now, imagine having all that excitement in the comfort of your own home. The 카지노사이트 brings that and much more, as it bridges the gap between the brick-and-mortar and the digital experience.

In this virtual casino space, accessibility is king. No longer must players travel great distances to indulge in their favorite games. From blackjack to baccarat, slots to sports betting, an online 카지노사이트 offers an incredible variety to suit every gambler’s taste. The convenience is unparalleled, with games playable on desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

The social aspect of gambling has not been left behind either. Live dealer games stream real casino tables to your screen, complete with human dealers. Here, you can interact with other players and the dealer, replicating the interactive nature of traditional casino play.

Some might wonder if the virtual space can truly capture the essence of a real casino experience. They might be surprised. Advancements in graphics and live technology have transformed online casinos into immersive environments. The rush of winning, the strategy of playing your hand, the anticipation of what the next card or roll will bring—it’s all there, distilled into a format that’s as exciting as it is convenient.

Of course, as with any online experience, safety is paramount. Reputable online casinos pride themselves on their security measures, implementing state-of-the-art encryption to protect player information. They also ensure fairness, with random number generators dictating the outcomes, mirroring the unpredictability of a real-world casino.

So, whether you’re a seasoned vet looking for a new arena to ply your skills or a curious newcomer eager to dip your toes into the waters of gambling, the 카지노사이트 offers a rich playground.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What makes an online 카지노사이트 safe to play at?
– To ensure safety while playing at an online casino site, look for sites with reputable licenses, strong encryption technology, fair game practices, and positive reviews from other players.

2. Can I play at an online casino site on my mobile device?
– Yes, most online casino sites are optimized for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy games on smartphones or tablets.

3. Are the games at an online 카지노사이트 fair?
– Legitimate online casino sites use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure game outcomes are entirely random and fair.

4. Do I have to bet real money at an online 카지노사이트?
– No, many online casinos offer free play options, allowing you to try out games without betting real money.

5. How can I withdraw my winnings from an online casino site?
– Online casino sites typically offer various withdrawal methods, such as bank transfers, e-wallets, and credit cards. Check the site’s banking information for specific options and any associated fees or processing times.…

Discover why 메이저사이트 is the go-to platform for safe and rewarding online betting.

The digital world opens up a plethora of opportunities and 메이저사이트 is one such striking example. 메이저사이트, or Major Site in English, offers unparalleled online betting experiences to countless enthusiastic bettors worldwide. What makes 메이저사이트 remarkable? Let’s find out!

메이저사이트 embodies the gold-standard in the realm of online betting due to its integrity, reliability, and ease of use. Rest assured, 메이저사이트 is not just a platform, it’s a community where bettors feel secure and valued. Isn’t it amazing that you can enjoy your favorite betting games without being anxious about security issues?

Let’s delve into 메이저사이트’s distinctive features. Ever wondered why 메이저사이트 is trusted by millions? It’s because of the rigorous verification process that immediately weeds out fraudulent betting sites, ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment. Their advanced encryption and strict protocols ward off any potential cyber threats. Aren’t you already reassured that 메이저사이트 puts your security first?

Ease of use is another factor that makes 메이저사이트 a clear winner. The user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, you will feel like an experienced bettor in no time even if you’re new. Impressive, isn’t it?

Now, let’s talk about the generous bonuses and rewards that 메이저사이트 lavishes on its users. Competitive odds, rejuvenating promotions, and invigorating bets, 메이저사이트 never ceases to surprise!

To conclude, 메이저사이트 has become a synonym for safe and vibrant online betting experience. So, next time, when you crave for some thrilling betting, you know 메이저사이트 is where you must head!


1. What is 메이저사이트?
메이저사이트 is a popular platform for online betting, renowned for its trustworthiness, ease of use, and striking rewards.

2. How safe is 메이저사이트?
메이저사이트 ensures high security with its strict verification process and advanced encryption.

3. Does 메이저사이트 offer bonuses and rewards?
Absolutely! 메이저사이트 is renowned for its exciting bonuses and rewards for the users.

4. How user-friendly is 메이저사이트?
메이저사이트 offers a user-friendly interface that makes navigation trouble-free.

5. How does 메이저사이트 ensure fair gaming?
메이저사이트 ensures fair gaming through its thorough verification process that eliminates fraudulent activities.…

Email: A Convenient and Effective Communication Tool

What Is E Mailing Def?

Email is a way of conveying information to a large group of people. Companies use email to send newsletters and other promotional material to their customers. This type of communication is free and easy.

Whether to hyphenate “e-mail” or not is a personal preference, but different style guides prefer one spelling over the other. Regardless of which spelling you choose, it is important to be consistent.

It is a type of electronic mail

E-mail is a system for sending and receiving messages across computer networks. Unlike instant messaging, email allows multiple recipients to receive messages nearly instantly, and it can include multimedia content. It also allows users to communicate with one another from anywhere in the world.

The body of an e-mail may be formatted in either plain text or HTML. The former does not allow special formatting or multimedia, while the latter does. Depending on the options available in an email client, an email message may contain a variety of file attachments.

Unlike phone or in-person communication, e-mail creates a detailed written record of the message, including the identity of the sender(s) and recipient(s), as well as the date and time of the transmission. This can be useful in a legal dispute, as it can provide proof that the recipient received the message. Moreover, email can be stored on computers for years and easily retrieved. This makes it a convenient and inexpensive means of communicating with groups.

It is a form of communication

Email can be an effective communication tool for businesses and individuals. It is a fast, inexpensive and convenient way to send messages to multiple people simultaneously. It also provides a written record of the communication. However, it is not suitable for every situation. This is especially true if the message is confidential or if you need to communicate with someone who does not have access to the Internet.

The first step in sending an email is to create a new address. The address consists of two parts, a domain name and a user name separated by the at sign (@). The domain is unique to the Internet and identifies the computer where the user has an account. The user name identifies the person who owns the computer.

The body of the email contains the message’s main content. The email can be formatted in plain text or HTML, and may include attachments. The signature is a block of text that includes the sender’s name, job title and contact information.

It is a way of conveying information to a large group of people

Email allows users to communicate with others despite differences in schedules and time zones. Emails also provide a record of communication, which can be useful in case of disagreements or conflict.

Companies use email for newsletters and direct marketing campaigns, sending emails to a large group of potential customers. They can also send promotional material to current customers to maintain awareness and promote new products or services.

When writing an email, consider who you’re communicating with and the desired outcome. This will help you keep your message organized and ensure that it is clear and concise. Also, try to avoid clumsy formatting and typos.

The word “email” is derived from the words electronic and mail. Although many dictionaries and publications have moved on to the more modern spelling, e-mail, there are some giants that still prefer the hyphenated form. Among them are Merriam-Webster, The New Yorker, and The Chicago Manual of Style.

It is a way of marketing

Email marketing is a way to build relationships and conversions by sending targeted messages to customers. Email can be used to promote product launches, sales events, and other special offers. It can also be used to drive traffic to other online and offline marketing channels. Email users often outnumber social media audiences, so it’s important to keep email top of mind when developing a marketing strategy.

One way to increase engagement and conversions is to use a friendly, approachable voice in your emails. This will make your business seem more authentic and trustworthy to subscribers, which will ultimately lead to more sales and brand loyalty.

Another way to improve email marketing is by using personalized content and segmenting recipients. For example, a technology company can send an automated series of emails after a customer signs up for a free trial of their software. These emails can include informational links and tips on how to get the most value from the software.

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Bringing the Thrills of the Casino to Your Home

The Intricate World of Casino Websites

There’s an undeniable thrill to walking into a well-lit, bustling casino. The glamour and glitz, the energy of the crowd, the anticipation hanging in the air – these aspects are undeniably alluring. But what if I were to tell you that you can experience the same thrill from the comfort of your own home? Enter the realm of online or casino websites.

What is a Casino Website?

Simply put, a is a digital platform that recreates the experience of a traditional, land-based casino. Spanning from blackjack, poker, roulette, slots, and many more, these websites offer a vast array of games for you to choose from. They operate under official gaming licenses, ensuring fair play, safety, and high-quality gaming experiences.

Why Choose Casino Websites?

Among the biggest charms of a is convenience. Can’t make it to Vegas or Macau? No problem! Visit a casino website and play your favorite games at your leisure. Additionally, online casinos often offer lucrative bonuses and promotions which you may not find in physical casinos. They also offer the flexibility to play across various devices – computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Picking the Perfect Casino Website

Choosing a reliable can be a critical decision. You want to consider factors such as game variety, website security, promotional offers, and customer support. Regulations and licensing are also significant aspects to look out for when deciding.


To put it bluntly, a brings the casino of your dreams directly to you, regardless of where you are. All you need is a digital device and an internet connection. So, why wait? Step into the exciting world of casino websites and roll the dice to demo a new kind of gaming experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are casino websites safe and reliable?
Yes, as long as they are licensed and regulated by reputable gaming authorities.

2. Can I win real money on casino websites?
Yes, real money games are a big part of the online casino experience.

3. Are there bonus offers on casino websites?
Yes, one of the major perks of casino websites is that they often provide regular bonuses and promotions.

4. Do you need to download software to play on a casino website?
Not always. While some do offer software, most games can be played directly from your web browser.

5. Are my personal details safe on a casino website?
Yes, any trusted 카지노사이트 will use SSL encryption to ensure the security of your personal information.…

Unveiling the Realm of Online Casino Sites (카지노사이트)

Unraveling the World of Online Casino Sites (카지노사이트)

The world of online casino sites, or 카지노사이트 as referred to in Korean, is an enigma wrapped in much curiosity and even more exhilaration. So, what’s the fuss all about? Let’s dig deeper.

The Allure of 카지노사이트

Ever wondered why the fan base following of is growing exponentially? The main appeal lies in accessibility. An online casino site offers countless gambling games at the tip of your fingers. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, the allure of 카지노사이트 is irresistible.

Now, has it got your attention? Let’s dive into more details.

Choosing the Right 카지노사이트

Choosing the right rests heavily on credibility. Licence, security measures, and payment methods are significant factors to consider. Research, review and only then, leap into the exciting world of 카지노사이트.

Reigning Games in 카지노사이트

Ever heard of Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat? These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to games in 카지노사이트. With an array of games to choose from, get prepared for an overdose of thrill and excitement.

Responsible Gambling in 카지노사이트

A responsible 카지노사이트 always promotes responsible gambling. Remember, gambling should be a source of entertainment, not a means to financial difficulties. Know when to stop and the thrill won’t wear off!


Online casinos sites or 카지노사이트 are a captivating realm filled with intense excitement, thrill, and a rush of adrenaline. They offer countless games to play from the comfort of your home. However, responsible gambling should be your primary concern. Now, it’s up to you to take the plunge into the enchanting world of 카지노사이트!


1. What is 카지노사이트?
It refers to online casino sites offering a range of gambling games.

2. How to choose the right 카지노사이트?
Look out for credible licenses, robust security measures, and secure payment methods.

3. What are some popular games in 카지노사이트?
Popular games include Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat amongst others.

4. What is responsible gambling in 카지노사이트?
It means knowing when to stop to prevent any potential financial difficulties.

5. Are 카지노사이트 readily accessible?
Yes, they offer countless games at the tip of your fingers, making them highly accessible. …

Experience the Thrill of NBA중계: Live Basketball Action Right at Home

Live the Excitement with NBA중계

The beauty of a live NBA중계 game knows no bounds, from the thunderous dunks to the accelerating heartbeats at clutch moments, and even more, the camaraderie of fans all over the world. There is an inexplicable thrill that comes with experiencing the adrenaline rush of an NBA중계. But what is NBA중계? Why does it garner such unyielding attention from fans worldwide?

Understanding NBA중계

NBA중계 is Korean for NBA broadcasts, an epitome of exhilarating basketball games and sports commentary that keeps fans engrossed and entertained. It brings the thrilling NBA games right to your living room, allowing you to experience each pass, shot, and dunk as if you were on the courtside.

The Revolutionizing Effect of NBA중계

The rise of NBA중계 has revolutionized how basketball fans view and experience games. Now, you can catch every action, regardless of your geographical location, thanks to . Still skeptical about what NBA중계 offers?

The Perks of NBA중계

NBA중계 provides games in high-definition, providing fans with immersive viewing experiences. Besides, NBA중계 comes with real-time commentary aiding comprehension. Furthermore, NBA중계 also features pre and post-match analysis, offering enriching insights about each game and team.

Maximizing your NBA중계 Experience

What’s better than watching an NBA중계? Watching it in the appropriate setting. An excellent home viewing setup significantly enhances your NBA중계 experience. So, get a powerful sound system, clear screen, and comfortable seats – and you’re good to go.

In conclusion, NBA중계 offers unforgettable moments to basketball fans worldwide by bringing home the high-octane action-packed games straight from the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBA중계?

NBA중계 translates to NBA broadcasts in English, which bring live NBA games to fans’ screens worldwide, including commentaries and analysis of games.

Where can I watch NBA중계?

You can watch NBA중계 from broadcasters like and various online platforms.

Why should I opt for NBA중계?

NBA중계 offers high-definition broadcasts, real-time commentary, pre, and post-match analysis, providing a comprehensive NBA experience.

Is the NBA중계 commentary in English?

The commentary depends on the broadcasting network. Some networks provide English commentary, while others may offer in local languages.

How can I enhance my NBA중계 viewing experience?

Improving your home viewing setup, such as investing in high-quality screens and sound systems, can significantly enhance your NBA중계 experience.…

Enhancing Address Verification and Standardization to Improve Business Operations

How to Use a Mailing Address Lookup to Verify and Standardize Addresses

A mailing address lookup enables businesses to verify and standardize addresses according to the USPS formatting guidelines. This can reduce returned mail and save time and resources.

Some companies need to verify hundreds and thousands of addresses locally and nationally. This can be tedious and expensive if done manually by calling up customers to confirm addresses.

Real-time address verification

In the world of online business, accurate customer data is vital. Without it, businesses cannot deliver products and services to customers. It is also critical for compliance with anti-fraud laws and data privacy regulations. This is why many companies use an address verification service to ensure the accuracy of their customers’ addresses.

Address verification can help reduce returned mail and enhance customer satisfaction. It also improves sales and marketing campaigns. In addition, it can increase brand trust and reduce fraud risk. It can also help companies achieve greater ROI on their investments.

The best address verification software offers high accuracy by cross-checking information with official databases, such as USPS, Royal Mail, and Canada Post. It also helps ensure that the correct spelling is used and that the address exists. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to verify addresses in real time without requiring training or a complex system. It can be integrated into CRM, email, and web forms.

Point-of-entry verification

Address verification tools are a great way to reduce abandoned carts and increase conversions. But they must be designed in a way that is front-end friendly and improves the user experience. One popular method is to display a pop-up window that fills in the city and state fields when customers enter their zip code. This may make addresses easier to input, but it does not help with international addresses or other data corrections.

A better option is to use a full-service address verification API that cleanses addresses and performs both standardization and parsing. These functions can detect errors in address formatting, correct them, and add missing components. In addition, it can validate addresses in bulk and support multiple languages. This helps marketers save money on return mail and get a positive ROI. It also helps reduce call center costs by ensuring that the right people receive their bills and invoices.

Address standardization

Address standardization is the process of changing address data to conform to a predetermined format. This helps to eliminate misspellings, formatting issues, and other errors that can cause inaccurate results. It can also help to deduplicate records.

This is a common problem that leads to reshipment fees and lost sales. Fortunately, this is easily fixable with address validation and address standardization tools. Using these tools can save time and money by eliminating inaccurate addresses.

Most address standardization software uses CASS certification to validate that an address is standardized. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the address is valid or deliverable. For example, it will change “avenue” to “ave” but it won’t tell you whether or not the address is located in the United States. In order to verify the accuracy of an address, it must be matched against the USPS database. This is a time-consuming process, but it will ensure that your data is accurate.

Partial address lookup

Using an address lookup API can help your staff enter correct addresses faster. These tools identify misspellings and typos, and can even add missing information such as ZIP+4 codes. This way, your postal workers can process the mail correctly and deliver it on time. Incorrect addresses can cause delivery delays and lead to expensive mistakes. You can also use these tools to check for fake addresses.

These services also verify and standardize addresses, ensuring that they are valid and mailable. They can also update outdated customer information and filter out inaccurate data. This will improve your operations and save you money.

There are several types of address lookup tools, including type-ahead verification, drop-down verification, rooftop geocoding, and USPS NCOALink. These tools can provide you with valuable information about your customers’ locations and preferences. They can also improve your checkout process and help you reach your target audience more effectively. These tools can even save you money by eliminating costly errors and reducing postage costs.

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Unmasking the Unique Value of Evolution Gaming

Unmasking the Value of Evolution Gaming

Welcome to the world of ! Do you ever ponder the merits of Evolution Gaming? Or perhaps you’ve questioned what sets it apart in the ever-evolving domain of online casinos? Today, we’re going to delve deeper into these queries and unmask the value of 에볼루션 알값.

What is Evolution Gaming?

To begin, let’s clear the air about what Evolution Gaming truly symbolizes. Back in 2006 when the online gambling industry was still an infant, a game changer emerged, rocking the landscape with its cutting-edge live dealer games. This game changer is none other than .

Evolution Gaming carved its niche by delivering a blend of casino classics and original fresh titles to the masses. Its focus on live casino experiences that mirror the traditional casino ambiance is what sets it apart in a sea of digital casinos.

The Merits of Evolution Gaming

But why choose Evolution Gaming? Let’s find out.

Firstly, quality – is there any gambler who would compromise quality for quantity? Remember the thrill of the roulette wheel spinning or that momentary suspense after drawing a card in blackjack at a land-based casino? Evolution Gaming serves up these classics with an impressive twist of realism and quality from the comfort of your home.

Secondly, the innovation factor in Evolution Gaming is a force to be reckoned with. By combining game-show elements with traditional casino games, Evolution Gaming is leading the pack in inventiveness.

Why is 에볼루션 알값 Unique?

The unique aspect of 에볼루션 알값 lies in its seamless integration of live interactions in digital gaming. This perfect blend of human and digital interactions brings a unique, unmatched experience to your gaming journey. Can you think of any other online gaming platform that pulls it off like Evolution Gaming?

Ultimately, the secret sauce – the true value of 에볼루션 알값 lies in its ability to mix human connection with digital convenience.


In essence, the true value of Evolution Gaming or 에볼루션 알값 lies in its high-quality game offerings, innovative approach, and the unique blend of digital and live interactions that it brings to the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming is a pioneering online gaming provider primarily known for creating live dealer games.

2. What sets Evolution Gaming apart?

Evolution Gaming stands out for its high-quality offerings, unique game-show style interactive games, and a seamless blend of live and digital interactions.

3. What is 에볼루션 알값?

에볼루션 알값 highlights the unique value of Evolution Gaming, focusing on its innovative and quality offerings and its mix of live and digital gaming.

4. What games are offered in Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming offers a wide variety of games including classics like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat along with many innovative game-show style games.

5. Where can I play Evolution Gaming games?

You can play Evolution Gaming games on a variety of online casinos that offer these games. Please ensure the platform is licensed and regulated for a safe gaming experience.…

Shipping and Mailing Records: Protecting and Packaging Your Items

Shipping and Mailing Records

When shipping records, it is important to use the right packaging to prevent damage during transit. This can be accomplished with a number of different supplies, including book-style mailers and cardboard stiffeners. These mailers also come with bubble wrap and foam sheets to protect the record from bending.

Email messages that have administrative, financial, legal or historical value should be retained in the office’s official records system.


With the recent resurgence of brick-and-mortar record stores and online music shops, shipping records has become more important than ever. To ensure that your records arrive in the best condition possible, it’s crucial to use the proper packaging supplies and shipping techniques. These tips can help you avoid expensive and time-consuming damages to your vinyl records during transit.

To prevent your records from getting bent or damaged during shipping, it’s best to wrap them in bubble wrap and place them in a sturdy cardboard box. It’s also a good idea to label your packages with fragile or special handling services. These services will notify the carrier and courier that your package needs extra care.

For LPs, you’ll want to use 12.5 by 12.5 inch LP mailer boxes. You can find them easily online or at most music stores. They’re thicker than normal boxes and can hold four records, assuming you use two record pads. BCW record pads are thick cardboard squares that offer additional protection during shipping.


Envelopes are essential tools for personal correspondence, business communication, and direct mail marketing. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, and can be personalized with logos or messages to increase the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. Envelopes protect the contents of a letter, making them more likely to be opened and read. They also make it easier for the recipient to return a message or document.

The front of an envelope may contain windows to allow the contents to be seen. The face of an envelope is where the recipient’s address, postage, and return address are written. The back of an envelope is where the flaps meet to seal the contents and form its distinctive shape.

Some envelopes have side openings instead of ends, which are ideal for booklets, catalogs, and other multipage documents. This allows for a more efficient folding process, which reduces the risk of paper jams and damage to the contents.


Poly bags are used by a variety of industries for storage, shipping and mailing purposes. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors, and can be printed with company logos, addresses and other important information. Poly bags can also be made chemically resistant, making them a great choice for businesses that deal with corrosive or hazardous chemicals.

The main factor in determining the durability and strength of a poly bag is the type of resin used to manufacture it. Typically, plastic bags are made from five different resins, including low-density and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), high-density and medium-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropylene.

Flat poly bags are a convenient packaging option that can be custom-sized to precisely fit your product. They can be closed with a paper covered or vinyl coated wire twist tie, reusable nylon plastic ties, or self locking adjustable poly ties. Alternatively, gusseted poly bags have extra panels that allow them to expand and hold larger items. These bags are great for storing and packaging food, electronics manufacturing, hospital supplies, and clean room technology.


Labels are a piece of paper, fabric, or plastic attached to an object that provides information about it. They can be used to identify the item or provide instructions for its use or care. They can also contain a barcode that enables it to be scanned. They may also include details concerning the item’s origin, its creation or manufacture, and its intended destination.

In Handshake, labels can be created to meet a variety of workflow needs. For example, schools can create public labels that help to elevate the visibility of certain items for students. For example, they can create a “Alumni Employer” label and apply it to jobs that alumni would be interested in. They can then communicate this to their students and they will be able to use the job search filters to see those jobs.

The label list can be viewed in the left sidebar of the inbox. You can also access them from the “Tags” menu. These are different from organization labels, which are tied to the Missive organization and only sync back and forth between your email accounts and Missive.

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