Understanding Postal Rates and Requirements for Mailing a 6×9 Envelope

Mailing a 6×9 Envelope

If you’re planning to send a 6×9 envelope, it’s important to understand the postal rates and requirements for this size. Typically, a 6×9 envelope that weighs up to one ounce requires just one first class stamp.

For heavier packages, consider using a Priority Mail Flat Rate. This system offers extra services, such as protection while in the postal system and delivery confirmation.

First-Class Mail

As long as the envelope is not over 3.5 ounces in weight or 1/4 inch thick, one first class stamp will cover its cost for mailing anywhere in the US. If the envelope is bulky, however, you will have to pay additional postage charges. Also, if the envelope is rigid or not reasonably uniform in thickness, it will be charged a nonmachinable surcharge.

Most 6 x 9 manila envelopes weigh less than 1 ounce, which means they can be mailed using just one Forever Stamp. If the mail piece weighs more than an ounce, it will require extra postage, which costs $0.20 per additional ounce. To calculate the exact amount of postage needed, you can use a tool provided by USPS. It will automatically calculate the correct postage based on the size, destination, and weight of the item you’re sending.

Priority Mail

If you want your mail to arrive faster, USPS offers a fast and reliable Priority Mail service. This option allows you to track your packages and provides a money back guarantee for overnight delivery. It also includes free packaging and priority processing.

A 6×9 envelope weighing up to one ounce can be sent as a letter, and requires one first class stamp. Envelopes weighing more than one ounce must be charged additional postage. Each additional ounce will cost $0.20.

This popular option is ideal for small businesses. It delivers to most domestic locations in two or three days. The package can be tracked online and is insured against loss or damage. The package can be shipped to PO boxes and is available for pickup at local post offices.

Flat-Rate Envelopes

Whether you’re shipping books, manuscripts, CDs, or any other item that doesn’t fit into a standard envelope, USPS-produced Flat-Rate boxes and envelopes make it easy. These items are shipped at one predetermined price regardless of weight and destination zone. You can purchase these products at most post offices or online.

If your 6×9 envelope weighs less than an ounce, it requires only one first class stamp to be mailed. For larger shipments, you can choose a different service. For instance, Priority Mail is a bit more expensive for a few ounces, but it comes with extra services at no additional cost.

You can also consider Regional Rate Boxes, which offer a lower shipping fee than other options. This option is ideal for small, dense packages that are more expensive to ship long distances.


Often referred to as a booklet envelope, the 6″x9″ envelope is an excellent choice for mailing larger-sized documents or brochures. The envelope is made from 24# white paper stock and has a flap that opens on the long side. This makes it ideal for sending event program books and other pamphlets.

The envelope can be mailed as a first-class letter if it weighs up to 1 ounce. This will require one first-class stamp and will cost $0.50 per additional ounce. If the envelope is more than 1 ounce, it will need to be sent as a package and will cost more to mail.

It is also possible to use a tool on the USPS website to calculate the postage for your envelopes. The tool will consider your destination, size, and weight to determine the amount of postage you will need.


The 6×9 envelope is a popular choice for oversized postcards, jumbo booklets and collection letters. It offers a relatively large canvas for your design, resulting in more impact and response compared to a standard piece of mail in your audience’s mailbox. In addition, Tension can add a variety of opening devices to this envelope, including rip-opes, pull-opes and sim-pulls.

The envelope must be reasonably uniform in thickness and not exceed 3.5 ounces. It also cannot be over 1 inch thick or have a length/width ratio of less than 1.3. If you exceed these dimensions, your mail may be subject to dimensional-weight pricing or balloon-rate pricing. If you are unsure, contact your local post office or use online postal price calculators. These tools will take into account your item’s weight and dimensions to determine the correct postage amount.

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